Large Guy Cotten Sleeves

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Size Large Guy Cotten Sleeves

You slip them over gloves for excellent protection of your arms!

Elastic arm circumference + Self-grip tab adjustment.
Neoprene cuffs.
The fabric and seams are waterproof, but the specific shape of this article means that it is not completely waterproof unless a PPE class jacket, smock or coat is worn.

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Technical Spec

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  • Guy Cotten aim primarily to create comfortable, effective, good quality protective clothing that lasts. They are proud to provide tough timeless clothes. There is no planned obsolescence, their approach saves money. It is also a way of reducing waste and the need to reprocess.
  • The only undisputed European expert in high frequency welding (HF) and thermotaping membrane fabrics. Since the outset, Guy Cotten have been using the most effective and reliable techniques to waterproof the seams of protective clothing. From the design of the product to the mould for manufacturing it, everything is made in their own factories.
  • Some of their fabrics are developed exclusively for Guy Cotten and are ideal for the extreme requirements of harsh working conditions: Commercial fishing, oyster farming, etc. All these working conditions are different and they require a specially tailored high-performance fabric.
Weight 500 g
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 cm