18 Gram CO2 Clylinder


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CO2 Cylinder for Lifejackets/PFD’s.
Zinc Coated CO2 Cylinder.
These cylinders fit most lifejackets and are 1/2″ (12mm) UNF Thread. This is the most common on European lifejackets.

CO2 Cylinders do not have an expiry date. They have a manufacture date.

NB. Items containing CO2 cylinders can be shipped anywhere in the Ireland (32 counties) although shipping is not possible to some destinations.

All CO2 cylinders are manufactured to the highest standards. 38g etc refers to the quantity of CO2. The Gross Weight of the cylinder is stamped on the bottle eg typically 139.0 on a 33g CO2 cylinder. Each lifejacket is designed for a specific size of cylinder and the correct size must be used as specified by the manufacture of the lifejacket.

Cylinders should not be used if they are showing signs of deterioration. Such signs could be rust, corrosion or scarring of the cannister or threads.

If you are unsure whether the cylinder is full it can be weighed on calibrated scales to check. If in doubt don’t use.

Important Info on CO2 cylinders.

Each cylinder is able to fully inflate your lifejacket and the correct size should be used. Double chamber lifejackets are therefore fitted with pressure release valves so that if and when both cylinders fire together, the excess CO2 is released through the bottom of the manual inflation tube.

Weight 83 g
Dimensions 2 cm