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TECNOSEAL Zinc Shaft Anode. Commonly called a sacrificial anode. Whatever it is, we have you covered, We have a huge range of boat anodes for sale.

TECNOSEAL is one of the world’s leading suppliers of sacrificial anodes for cathodic protection in the following markets: leisure boat, shipping & offshore applications..

With over 30 years of experience, they manufacture and supply ZincAluminium and Magnesium anodes directly from the foundry in Grosseto (Tuscany) and today have the largest range of anodes choice in the world, with almost 2000 anodes in standard production and more than 3000 custom manufactured items specifically requested by customers.

What are Anodes?

Anodes protect the various metal components ( propeller, shaft, keel, rudder, engine) from deterioration caused by galvanic corrosion when your boat’s hull is submerged.

Galvanic corrosion is the deterioration of metal, which occurs when dissimilar metals are joined together by a conductor in an electrically conductive fluid – the least noble metal (the anode) dissolves while the most noble metal (the cathode) remains protected.

A galvanic anode, or sacrificial anode, is the main component of a galvanic cathodic protection system used to protect buried or submerged metal structures from corrosion. They are made from a metal alloy with a more “active” voltage than the metal of the structure.

Anode deterioration must be monitored carefully and replaced every year when doing the antifouling/launching or when the anode is 75% dissolved.

Thanks to exceptional anode alloy quality, which is the basis of this application, by the fusion of particular alloys containing high-quality metals in fair proportion, a pile (anode) with high efficiency is obtained.

The choice of Zinc Shaft anodes depends of the nature of the water:
Saltwater = Zinc Anodes.

Zinc is used because it has a higher voltage in the water so the current is more inclined to flow from it than from the propeller.

Explore our extensive range of boat Anodes for sale here: https://cavanaghnetsltd.com/product-category/marine-hardware-and-chandlery/zinc-anodes/

Check out what Tecnoseal can offer here:https://www.tecnoseal.it/eng/

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