Stainless Steel Tube Thimbles



Stainless Steel Tube Thimbles

These Are Used For When A Loop Is Made In Wire Rope Or Soft Rope And The Loop Needs To Be Strong To Resist Wear And Tear And To Add Support.

This Particular Style Is Partially Enclosed, This Protects The Rope From Wear And Tear More Efficiently Than A Standard Thimble providing increased protection and security compared with a standard open thimble. Multiple applications for use in loading and unloading of goods, mining equipment, forestry machinery, land transportation, winches. As Such Is Hugely Popular In The Marine And Boating Industries.
These Are Made From Stainless Steel Giving Them The Best Rust Resistance.

Made from AISI-316 marine grade stainless steel for a high quality long lasting finish and rust prevention. These can be used with stainless steel wire rope and also none steel/synthetic ropes. The tubular design makes sure the thimble is always captive and avoids loss.

This stainless steel thimbles are available for rope sizes in 12mm, 16mm and 20mm diameters.


  • 12mm will accept up to a 12mm diameter rope.
  • 16mm will accept up to a 16mm diameter rope.
  • 20mm will accept up to a 20mm diameter rope.

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