Stainless Steel Lobster Banding Tool


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Stainless Steel Lobster Banding Tool designed to make your life easier.

To be used with our 25mm x 13mm & 15mm x 10mm Rubber Bands. This simple stainless steel Lobster banding tool is the quickest and easiest way to slip rubber bands over the claws of lobsters, keeping your catch intact.

The fishery for lobster is one of the most traditional fisheries
among coastal communities and the mainstay of many small
vessels fishing all around the coast of Ireland.

Any berried, undersized, oversized or ’V’-notched lobsters or
those with mutilated tails must be returned to the sea

Unsure? Have a measure gauge handy. 

See article on handling your Lobsters.

Weight 122 g
Dimensions 2 cm