Spare Blade Engel Electric Heat Knife

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Engel Heat Knife HSGM Type R blade – This is the original OEM Type R blade crafted by HSGM GmbH. This is a good general use blade for synthetic
fabrics, webbing and ropes up to 17mm diameter. 29mm (1.14 inch)
heated surface. Heat knife blade – suitable for use with all units. Excellent for cutting straight lines of synthetic fabrics on a glass surface. Sold individually.
This blade is also known as the 100R blade. 1/4″ thick glass is the
HSGM recommended cutting surface for all cutting tables. Glass
does not absorb heat like other materials and all the heat from the Engel Heat Knife blade will go into the cutting process.

The Engel 60 Watt instant trigger hot knife is a great tool for cutting synthetic fabrics, webbing, rope and things that would ravel when cut with scissors. The controlled heat melts synthetics to provide a precise, professional-looking sealed edge. This hot knife is trigger-operated and heats up quickly (6-8 seconds). It also has a light that illuminates the cutting area. This heat cutter features a cool (temperature), comfortable hand grip and rapid cool down for increased safety. Cut on a hard surface like glass, mirror, or Formica if possible for a cleaner cut.

Model Number Type R
Soldering Accessory Type Soldering Iron Hot Blade
For Use With HSG-0

Spare Cutting blade for our Engel Electric HSG-0 heat cutter. Replace your blade easily

Engel Hot Knife Technical Information

Weight 30 g
Dimensions 2 cm

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