Small Blue Toggle


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Injection molded Scotch Toggle from Stornoway Plastics. This small toggle is designed for tying onto the end of creels/pots for coupling and uncoupling main retrieval lines.

Scotch Toggles are made from quality materials and designed to last in the toughest of conditions, you can count on Cavanagh Nets Ltd to supply the best the market has to offer.

Stornoway Plastics is a very innovative company and have numerous patents on a product range extending from the fishing industry, aquaculture, household roofing and Firestarters. Their imagination and skills encompass your needs for functionality and design as well as the equipment and skills to help you bring that world-beating product to market. As engineers and innovators, our aim is to help you build that better product.

Most of their current product range is geared towards the fishing industry as local customers predominantly work in fishery.  Stornoway Plastics have a constant stream of fishermen visit our engineering works for problems on their boats and engines and also to buy products. Stornoway Plastics are constantly in discussion with fishermen about existing products and where they see a need for new ones.

Product Specification:

Small Scotch Toggle Colour: Blue.

Small Scotch Toggle Hole Sizes suitable for up to 12mm diameter rope. 5 1/2″ ((140mm) in length approximately. 30mm at widest point.

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Weight 41 g
Dimensions 14 × 2 × 2 cm