Pear Anode


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Pear Shaped Zinc Anode is ideal for Small to medium craft and its most common puropse is for mounting on the rudder to give complete protection. The Zinc anodes you use on a vessel are called “Sacrificial Anodes.” Zinc is used because it has a higher voltage in the water so the current will be more inclined to flow from it than from your propeller. To complete the electrical circuit, the zincs must be connected to the items they are intended to protect. Sacrificial anodes should be fitted and correctly bonded to all boats / vessels to help prevent corrosion by cathodic protection when in the water. Total weight : 2.25kg
Nominal Net Weight 2.1kgs
Material: Zinc for Saltwater Protection
Length (min / max): 236mm / 155mm
Width (min /max): 25mm / 83mm
Depth: 41mm
Stud Size: 10mm
Number of Fixing Holes: 2
Fixing Hole Details: 200mm hole centre.


Weight 2200 g
Dimensions 20 × 5 × 2 cm