No.3 Braided Bubble Float Line


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Traditional Float with a bubble for added buoyancy. Quality floatline made of polypropylene, with polyethylene float material inside. It is available with a buoyancy per. 100 m, from 400 to 3300 gr. Floatline type OY is used for mounted fishing nets, which are used for fishing in relatively low water.

From its construction, this line has a great floating ability and thanks to its braided cover of high tenacity polyester, it has an excellent abrasion resistance.

This rope is used to float surface and bottom fishing nets, replacing conventional floats/corks. Not easliy visible on the surface.

One of its advantages is that it is easy to handle and rig nets and rope from its braided outer covering. Buoyancy: 1800gram. Working Depth: 50 Metres. Spacing Between Bubbles: 45cm. Sold Per: 100 Metres.

Weight 2000 g
Dimensions 2 cm