Monel Seizing Wire


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Ormiston Monel stainless steel Seizing Wire.

This Wire is a staple for the spares box as it can be used for multiple applications onboard as it will not rust or corrode.

It bends and twists easily and does not adversely react with other dissimilar metals.

Features and Benefits of Monel Stainless Steel Seizing Wire

  • Made from corrosion resistant nickel/copper alloy
  • Will not rust or corrode
  • Bends and twists easily
  • Ideal for securing rigging screws and shackles
  • 0.9mm diameter  on a convenient 10 metre reel.

Used for locking rigging screws and shackle pins to stop them from working loose with use.
It can be used with galvanised and stainless steel as well as aluminium.
The ideal solution for securing rigging screws and shackles in a marine environment, including underwater applications such as moorings.
0.9mm diameter is easy to cut, pliable, but strong.

Weight 350 g
Dimensions 2 cm