Large Gill Net Bin

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Dimensions: 50″ Long x 30″ Wide x 32″ High. 1270mm (L)  x 762mm (W) x 813mm (H).

Our strong, durable gill net bins have been specifically designed for the effective storage of commercial gill fishing nets and accessories. The gill net bins come with a sturdy lisp for attaching rope around the top, ready for easy handling. These rigid, stackable storage boxes are available in two different sizes.

Why Choose Our Gill Net Bins?

● Tough & Durable
● Large Storage Capacity
● Chemically Inert
● Made From Recycled Polymer
● Price Competitive
● Stackable For Easy Storage
● Complete With Lisp As Standards
● Fish Storage & Transportation


Additional Uses…
As well as the marine industry, our gill net bins are easily converted, supporting a multitude of other users, from handling mail and parcels, laundry storage and transportation, holding light aggregates and reactive substances such as batteries, tools and materials storage amongst many other uses.

With a large water capacity, owners can hold several large fish for short periods of time, completely hassle free, for a margin of the industry branded alternatives.

Dimensions 127 × 76 × 82 cm