L-1 Red

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All purpose buoys and fenders. he easily recognizable blue, rib-reinforced, rope holds are solid right trough and are made by high pressure injection molding that secures the highest breaking strength.

Cylindrical, torpedo shaped L-buoys are specially designed to reduce drag when used under conditions with strong currents.

The special oval design and ribs along the body contribute to a lower drag and for the buoy to skip on the surface, instead of being dragged down in high currents, harsh weather and when retrieving the buoy. Features include rib reinforced ropehold, the L-buoys are heavy duty buoys and used by commercial fishermen in inshore and offshore environments.
The HL-buoy is also a popular fender, especially on boats with low freeboard.The high quality and the seamless construction of our inflatable buoys and fenders are part of the reasons why professional users all over the world prefer the L-series buoys – and why these buoys have become synonymous with the best buoy money can buy. Length:: 510mm. Diameter: 260mm. 32″ Circumference. Eye Diameter: 20mm

Weight 1800 g
Dimensions 2 cm