Guy Cotten Rescuer Lifejacket


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Guy Cotten Rescuer Lifejacket


Self-inflating lifejacket designed for intensive work (Commercial fishing) certified 150N, EN ISO 12402-3.

EN ISO 12402-3 : 2020 –Personal flotation equipment , class 3 Performance level 150Newtons – safety requirements for life jackets used offshore and rough waters.

With a 165 Newtons Bladder and the UML Elite Pro inflater, this lifejacket is even shorter than our previous models, and is designed with a two fabrics envelope. The Nylpêche fabric, ultra-resistant to abrasion and tearing, is placed on the areas subject to wear and tear and the very soft Glentex fabric, for more comfort at the neck.


A window, turned towards the body (to avoid premature wear), allows the user to check that everything is operational before putting it on.

  • Designed with a plastic buckle for lightness and crotch strap to avoid losing the lifejacket when falling into the water.
  • Ergonomic, ultra-short, therefore not too constricting, with a wide neckline that favours head movement and distributes the weight of the waistcoat over the shoulders rather than the neck.
  • Automatic release but also manual + oral inflation.
  • On-board winding handle, 2-tone whistle, and facilities for fitting a beacon or marker light.
  • Changing the gas cartridge and cylinder is very simple, quick and economical.
  • The waistcoat should not be folded without being dried and rearmed.
  • Check that all accessories are in order and in place.

 Life jackets must be inspected by the user before being worn.

Have your lifejacket serviced periodically by a Guy Cotten approved station (every year for professional use and every 2 years for leisure)

Expected life span: ten years maximum (unless decommissioned by the station). The life of the garment is linked to the conditions of use and the quality of its maintenance.

Fabric Nylpeche/Glentex

Nylpêche : Very hard-wearing. The technical characteristics of the Nylpeche fabric provide completely waterproof garments unequalled for their strength and flexibility. PVC coating on two sides, easy to clean. Ideal for intensive and even “aggressive” uses. 485g/m².

Glentex : The most popular of our fabrics for protective rainwear users. Excellent value for money. Comfortable, flexible. Coated on one side. 320g/m²

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Size: One Size


Weight 1500 g

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