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Another from our range of Mora Knives. This knife has a polypropylene handle with a rough structure, a valuable property. The blade is 68 mm long and made of Swedish cold-rolled stainless steel with a tip especially designed to protect the pulp when cleaning the fish.

Excludes Finger Guard. Please see our Frosts MORA Roeing/Bleeding Knife 1591P Knife that has a finger guard.

The consistent, high-level quality of Frosts Mora food industry knives enables users to receive a great deal of benefit and joy from them over a long period of time. Their long lifetime is a strong contributing factor for Frosts knives, providing very positive overall economics – they always win in the end. This way your Mora knife becomes a natural part of your profession and your workday.

There’s a long tradition of knife making in Mora. They have been creating sharp knives for the rest of the world for more than 400 years.

Making extremely good knives is a complicated process. During the last 130 years, we have learned a great deal about how we can get the best possible results.

Every step in the process, from the start in the pressing hall to the finishing line in dispatch, has a unique role. We constantly evaluate the different production stages and look at how we can be even better and more efficient.


  • Blade of Swedish Sandvik 12C27 stainless knife steel that can be sharpened to extreme sharpness and high edge retention.
  • Blade hardened by deep refrigeration at -80° for maximum hardness (58 RC).
  • Slip-resistant handle is reinforced with fiberglass for increased friction.
  • Blade Length: 2.0″ (50 mm) Thickness: 2.5 mm
  • Product weight: 81 g

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Weight 81 g
Dimensions 1.5 × .5 × .5 cm