Engel Electric Heat Knife


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Engel Hot Knife for cutting of synthetic fabrics, ropes and belts – this process technology is becoming increasingly important in the production process and assembly.

In the meantime, the conventional mechanical cutting processes have reached their limits due to the missing or insufficient fastening of the cut edges.

Subsequent work is almost always required here, be it overstitching with a sewing machine or thermal sealing with hot-melt foils. Such duplicate manufacturing operations are costly and are becoming increasingly expensive. Today, as many work processes as possible should be combined in a contemporary and rational manner in order to reduce costs or keep them low. So no longer simply cutting mechanically, but thermally separating and fusing.

The Engel hot knife works according to a simple but well-established principle. The cutting edge, which is electrically heated directly via a transformer, is heated to approx. 600°C in 6 to 8 seconds. Any thermoplastic material that comes in contact with this cutting tip will melt. In the thread bond, the individual warp and tail threads have the tendency to flow into one another if the distance is sufficiently close, thus forming a seamless, welded edge.

Hand-held tool suitable for cutting and melting the faces of synthetic cords, ropes, straps, belts and fabrics.

Mains Lead Supplied. Blade Included. Spare blades also sold separately. The Engel Hot Knife trims and seals the edges of synthetic fabrics to inhibit fraying. The fabric hot knife tool may be used with a cutting foot to remove the need for a cutting base or surface. It features headlights which illuminate the cutting area. Built for repeated operation, the hot knife cutter heats up in six to eight seconds. The temperature is controlled by a handy trigger switch. Use in well-ventilated areas.

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