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The commercial version of our Leisure lobster pot or creel is essentially a trap. It is an open D shaped structure covered in netting. There are usually two entrances, that let creatures in, and due to their clever design, they can’t get out. You must bait the pot with the bait bag provided (mackerel is ideal), then leave it in the water for a tide cycle (until the next low tide, or two low tides), in which time some creatures will have hopefully entered the pot and you would have a catch.

This makes it Ideal for YEAR ROUND use.

Note: Any person can fish up to 6 of these without any licence or permit required.

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Where do you set your Lobster Pot?

This is important if you want to catch a Lobster–  read the shoreline. It’s best to set the pots in a rocky/weedy area extending out to sea. You must head out as the tide is going out – so you get there just before low tide. Look for  pools that are still underwater at low tide or at the end of the weed. With a retrieval line and float fitted, this allows you to return later and pull in your Lobster Pot. The float will mark the position on the surface


22” Long x 16” wide x 10mm steel – PVC coated. This is the same steel diameter as used in our commercial crab and lobster pots.
Leisure/hobby lobster pot. Lightweight for coastal & inshore use.
Ready for the water.
Netted with black braided PE netting.
2 side entry nylon eyes.
Bait bag fitted.
Weighs 12.5 Kilos Approx.
Please note: retrieval line and marker buoy not supplied.
You can buy the hobby lobster pot with retrieval line fitted here


Weight 12500 g
Dimensions 56 × 41 × 31 cm

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