CCE3 (CM3) Red Mooring Buoy + Short Iron


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The POLYFORM inflatable mooring buoys
are produced with either a short mooring rod
(CCE or CM type mooring buoy) or a long mooring rod
(CCD-type mooring buoy). The mooring buoys are fully assembled by the factory and only need correct inflation before use. The rods include a swivel at the lower
end and all parts are hot dipped galvanised.

Colour: Red

Circumference: 60″ (Inflated)

Diameter (max recommended) 450 mm
Total length of steel rod: 765 mm
Rod diameter: 19 mm
Weight (nominal): 7,0 Kg
Valve type: V10
Gross volume: 55 L
Recommended max load: 31,5 Kg

Only the lower swivel should be used for mooring. Do not expose the mooring buoy to a load of more than 60% of its total buoyancy. All moorings should be checked for wear and tear at least once a year.

Mooring Guide:

This guide is a general guide. Please note that the mooring guide only can provide guidance, while boat size and the local conditions are of vital importance. If in doubt, ask for professional advise.

For maximum safety we recommend that only the lower swivel (under water) is used for mooring of the boat.

The upper grip ring is not for mooring.

The size of the mooring buoy depends on the weight and the total load it will be exposed to. Do not expose the buoy to a load of more than 60% of its total buoyancy. Please also consider additional weight/load caused by marine growth, currents, wind and waves. The dimension of the mooring iron bar and swivel should be chosen in accordance with the size and weight of the boat, weather conditions, the currents and wave height in the area the mooring is intended to be placed.

IMPORTANT: To avoid extensive corrosion to the hot dipped galvanized rod and swivel, do not connect metal parts of stainless steel, aluminium, copper or brass to the rod or swivel.

Please remember to check your mooring for wear and tear at least twice a year.

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Weight 7000 g
Dimensions 76 × 45 × 19 cm