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A-1 Polyform Buoy.

The A-1 POLYFORM is a supreme heavy duty buoy with an extra strong pre-made injection molded rope hold. The buoy and the rib reinforced rope hold are unified through the in-house developed rotomolding WELCOTEC technology.
The A-series are made from our unique blend of high class tough, flexible vinyl materials. The buoys are resistant to all weather conditions. The A-series buoys are used all over the world for different applications, such as in commercial
fishing as net buoys, buoys for long lines, lobster and crab pots, markers and as heavy duty fenders.

In late 1955, Polyform produced the world’s very first inflatable, all-plastic buoy in Aalesund, Norway. This was the first buoy in a series of buoys that was to become the POLYFORM® A-series, and they established the standard for buoy design and quality.

POLYFORM Norway A-1 are produced in eight different sizes. Each model is designed and molded in order to offer a maximum of strength. The easily recognizable blue, rib-reinforced rope holds are solid right trough and are made by high pressure injection molding that secures the highest breaking strength.

The high quality and the seamless construction of Polyform buoys and fenders are part of the reasons why professional users all over the world prefer the POLYFORM Norway A-series buoys – and why these buoys have become synonymous with «the best buoy money can buy».


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40″ Circumference. Eye Diameter: 22mm Circumference denotes size when inflated.

Colour White . See our other colours HERE

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40″ Circumference. Eye Diameter: 20mm Circumference denotes size when inflated.

40″ Circumference.

Circumference denotes size when inflated.

Eye Diameter: 20mm

40″ Circumference. Eye Diameter: 20mm Circumference denotes size when inflated.

Weight 1300 g
Dimensions 2 cm