22″ x 18″ Plastic Base Pot

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This is our 22″ x 12mm Steel x 18″ Wide, Standard Type – With Plastic Base.  PVC Plastic Coated with opening end door.

Steel is fabricated here and custom finished to each clients requirements at .our Workshop here in Greencastle, Co. Donegal.

Covered with a 5mm x 60mm Mesh Black Braided PE Netting.

Heavy White Nylon Entrance Eyes are made from 100% quality Nylon (PA) IN 210/84 Ply and are sewn in – not laced. Note the hitches in every other mesh. Each entrance  is fitted by hand by our experienced staff.

10/39 Hard Wearing PE Twisted Bait Bag is fitted. Bait string is fitted and attached to our 6.5mm Bungee Cord and Plastic Hook allowing easy release.All our bungee loops are crimped with double 12mm Stainless Steel Hog Rings.

Topsides (the netted area of the pot) are roped with a 10mm PP Rope in colour blue. This rope is doubled over the steel and wrapped in place. We can offer many other colour variations.

The base of this pot is bumper rubbered with heavy layering of rubber and is built for the harshest environments. Centre base bar is also rubbered.

Weight: 19.5kg

Weight 19500 g
Dimensions 7 × 6 × 4 cm