66 North H/W Bib and Brace Pants XX-large


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Size 2XL.

Ideal accompaniment to the 66N Heimaey Jacket or Smock. Easily adjusted in all weather conditions.
Bib and adjustable braces.
Reinforcing on legs.
The fabric is highly resistant against oil and frost.
66 Orange Bibbed Pants are created with a fabric that’s a blend of PVC and Cotton.
They’re extra heavy-duty for those rough seas when nothing else will keep you dry and protected. The bright Fluroscent color stands out even in dense fog.
The adjustable braces let you make sure they fit right. The reversible pants have 3 cm wider reinforced legs so you can wear layers underneath them for warmth. They’re perfect for rough weather and giving you the protection you need. The bib helps to keep water away from your chest.
66 North Fluroscent Bibbed Pants probably aren’t the pants you want to wear for a night out on the town. But when you want extra durability in rough weather, nothing else will do.

Weight 1600 g
Dimensions 2 cm