32mm Stainless Steel Single Pulley Block


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A4-AISI 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel Single Sheave Pulley Block. If needed the wheel can be fully removed from the body by simply taking out the split pin. Features:
1. Anti-rust and wear-resistance with strong structure, sturdy and durable.
2. Fixed top for easy rope handling, smooth sheaves make the rope or cord pass unimpeded.
3. Solid and durable, designed for use with rope or cord indoor and outdoor with heavy load capacity suitable for numerous applications. A1 = 36mm. B = 24mm. C = 14mm. D = 6mm. D1 = 12mm. L = 116mm. BREAKING LOAD: 2300kg. Approx. Measurements and breaking loads are for guidance purposes only.

Weight 185 g
Dimensions 2 cm