300mm x 4.8mm Black Cable Ties


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All cable ties are supplied in bags of 100’S (plain bags).

These are manufactured from Nylon 6.6 and is approved to UL 94V-2. They are resistant to petrol, oil grease and alkalis. Their primary purpose is to aid clean installations by holding cables together or in a specific location. They however have various other uses such as hanging or storing parts. Non-Releasable Cable Ties are easy to use and are an essential item for any toolbox.

Length: 300mm. Width: 4.8mm

What they all have in common is that they’re the most effective way to manage your cables.

When were cable ties invented?

They’ve been around since 1958. Scottish-born Maurus C. Logan, who worked at Thomas & Betts. He got the idea while touring an aircraft facility, noticing how difficult and complex the job of wiring was. It involved thousands of feet of cabling manually secured with knotted, wax-coated, braided nylon cord, leaving the workers’ hands with deep cuts and callouses. This is an example of a simple invention having a profound effect on lives.

What are they also known as?

• Wire tie
• Hose tie
• Steggel tie
• Zap strap
• Zip tie

Weight 155 g
Dimensions 2 cm