22″ x 10mm Standard with Crossway Skids

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This is our 22″ x 10mm Steel x 16″ Wide, Standard Type – 16 Bar Base.  PVC Plastic Coated with opening end door. Lobster Pot and Crab Pot. Also Known as a creel.

3 x 12mm Skid Bars Fitted Crossways – Curled at each end to give a strong weld to the base structure of this pot.

Steel is fabricated here and custom finished to each clients requirements at our Workshop here in Greencastle, Co. Donegal.

Covered with a 4mm x 60mm Mesh Orange Braided PE Netting.

White Nylon Entrance Eye are made from 100% quality Nylon (PA) IN 210/84 Heavy Ply and are sewn in – not laced. Note the hitches in every other mesh. Each entrance  is fitted by hand by our experienced staff.

10/39 Hard Wearing Polyethylene (PE) Twisted Bait Bag is fitted. Bait string is fitted.

Topsides (the netted area of the pot) are roped with a 10mm PP Rope in colour black. This rope is doubled over the steel and wrapped in place. We can offer many other colour variations on topsides roping.


Weight 14000 g
Dimensions 56 × 41 × 32 cm