10 Kilo Clap Anchor

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10 Kilo Clap Anchor


With so much investment literally holding on your anchor, your anchoring system is no place to cut corners. Your choice of depends on the size and type of your boat, and the weather and anchoring conditions you generally encounter.

Boats with heavy displacements or superstructures that present a great deal of wind resistance need heavier gear. The same is true of cruising yachts that brave a wide variety of conditions and may sometimes have to anchor in open waters.

It is recommended you carry one anchor of sufficient size and strength to hold your boat for an extended period, like overnight–or in an emergency situation, such as if you run out of fuel or in the event of a breakdown close to shore.. When you are thinking or buying – BIGGER, IN THIS CASE, IS BETTER.

Also, there is safety in numbers. No anchor will work for you in every situation, so if you have space carry two anchors–preferably of different types. Many people choose to carry a small and a larger anchor. The small is for use in calm weather and when the crew is monitoring the anchor. Working and storm anchors are useful at times when the crew is asleep or ashore, and during heavy weather, when winds are 30 miles an hour and over.

The general name for all of the equipment you need to anchor your boat is “ground tackle”. This includes chain, line and connecting elements. The line, including chain, is called the rode.


The CLAP uses a stock at its crown where two big triangular flat flukes are attached. These flukes are reinforced with added plate welding.

The shank is hinged to enable the flukes to orient properly toward the bottom.

For its weight, the Clap offers superior holding power. The design features two triangular flukes joined to the stock. This design element enables the flukes to position themselves to the sea bottom at an angle for optimum holding power in typical hard sand sea bottoms.

Fixed Ring Fitted at the end of the shank for fitting anchor warp or chain.

Easy to store because it will lie flat.


Shank Length to top of ring: 540mm (21.5″)

Ring Diameter: 12mm x 55mm (Inside)

Fluke Points:250mm (10″)

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Weight 10000 g
Dimensions 50 × 30 × 10 cm