Brexit Proof Shopping: How to Save Money and Buy Your Pots in Ireland

The Irish fishing industry is having to learn to adjust to the post-Brexit world coupled with the global pandemic. Alongside thorny issues such as markets and logistics, Irish fishermen are discovering that they now have to deal with unpredictable supply chains, and increased prices, when sourcing vital supplies such as potting equipment. There is a solution, though: buy a lobster pot thats made in Ireland by Cavanagh Nets – they can be found here.

As a long term trading partner with the United Kingdom, Ireland has been hit particularly hard by Brexit. Manufacturing has suffered. This is largely due to an increase in the cost of raw materials sourced from overseas markets, as well as delays in deliveries. Cavanagh Nets, however, manufactures its craftsman-quality crab & lobster pots and as a result it has managed to avoid the delays and difficulties.


picture of crab potspicture of crab pots



“Family Owned and operated for over 20 Years, Cavanagh Nets Ltd. carries an extensive range of wire ropes, mooring ropes, synthetic ropes, marine and rigging hardware, chain and anchor products.”

Laurence Cavanagh


At Cavanagh Nets we offer sturdy plastic-coated steel frames in a range of size that are custom made to order. These can also be purchased to rope and net to their own design, from the basis of Cavanagh Nets pots. From there, our in house workshop builds to order. Offering extensive stocks of a wide range of ropes and nets and other refinements and attachments as required.

Both commercial and leisure fishermen in the inshore waters around Ireland are seeking high quality potting products made to standards that ensure quality, durability and value for money. However, even the best of lobster pot can be lost or damaged, and commercial fishermen in particular cannot afford delays in replacements. Cavanagh’s excellent reputation has largely been based upon its reliability, and the speed with which it can respond to orders.

Many of Cavanagh’s customers have unique requirements, and the craftsmen at Cavanagh have the skills to respond to these requests and can adapt the basic designs of the lobster pot and creels as needed. The versatility of the equipment it supplies is one of Cavanagh’s many strengths and ensures that its clients return again and again for the gear they need for their livelihoods, or for their leisure boating and fishing requirements.

Cavanagh Nets also supplies a wide range of marine hardware, including ropes, nettings and twines, stainless steel fittings, safety and emergency equipment, rigging services, chain and anchor products, and much more.

Please contact Cavanagh Nets for a quote for your specific requirements. Our opening times are Monday to Friday, 9.00 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. (closed on Saturdays and Sundays). Email, [email protected] telephone, 07493 81178.