Behind The Scenes at Cavanagh Nets: How Our Lobster Pots Are Sourced and Manufactured locally in Ireland.

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Cavanagh, a Greencastle Company

Cavanagh Nets Ltd. Is a family owned business, founded over 20 years ago in Greencastle, Co. Donegal, where we are still based. We couldn’t be closer to the Irish fishing industry; Greencastle has been a major fishing port since 1813, when the pier was first built, and the Irish Fisheries College, offering training and skill development for the Irish Seafood Industry, is here too. (There’s also a castle, dating all the way back to 1305.)
As a Greencastle business, living and working alongside commercial fishers, we understand the value of dealing with local Irish manufacturers. All our pots are sourced from local raw materials, and they are made in this country. Our customers know that they are buying lobster pots produced by people who appreciate their needs.

Bespoke Service

Because Cavanagh pots and creels are sourced locally, we can offer a wide range of options to our customers, from fully finished pots to basic frames and everything in between; many of our customers like to order partially made-up pots to which they can add their own refinements.

Why Buy Locally-Made Lobster Pots?

There are good reasons for avoiding long-distance imported goods at the moment, not least the risk of shipping delays caused by the pandemic. The Financial Times reported recently:

The coronavirus pandemic has left some of the world’s biggest shipping lines facing mounting backlogs and delays, straining international supply chains and threatening to disrupt global trade. Operators say the container shipping industry — the backbone of global trade — is under severe pressure due to the combined impact of staff illness, quarantining and social distancing, along with soaring consumer demand and disruption to factory output caused by lockdowns.

The Financial Times

Added to this, of course, are the disruptions of Brexit.
An even better reason for avoiding imports: by sourcing products locally, you are helping local industries, and ensuring that you are working with suppliers who understand your needs and can ensure quality.

Seafood – an Important Irish Industry

As a major supplier of fishing equipment, we at Cavanagh service a vital Irish business sector. Seafood landed into Irish ports in 2019 was worth €424 million. There are over two thousand registered fishing vessels in the country, and over sixteen thousand people are directly employed in the sector; thousands more are in jobs indirectly linked to fishing. Firms such as Cavanagh, supplying locally-made equipment, add to this important contribution to the economy.
By buying pots and creels from Cavanagh Nets Ltd, you will be

  • ensuring a prompt and reliable service.
  • buying a high-quality tailor made product.
  • getting exactly the equipment you need, and
  • helping to sustain local industry.

What could be better?

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